UnTraceable Information Security & Management


What is UnTraceable?

UnTraceable is an Information management and security product. Protecting your privacy and personal information is critical in today's information based society. Without the proper precautions, you can unknowingly make your personal information available to the websites you visit or to anybody using your computer. Your computer tracks the programs you use, where you browse, what you buy, your credit card numbers, etc.. A record of everything you do is stored on your computer and is accessible to those who know how to get it.

PremiumSoft in partnership with the nationally syndicated radio talk show, ComputerTalk with Dave Mason, is dedicated to designing and developing products that help protect your personal information in this new age.

Who is ComputerTalk with Dave Mason and PremiumSoft, Inc.?

ComputerTalk with Dave Mason is a nationally syndicated radio talk show and has been on the air for over eleven years. Dave Mason provides his listeners with helpful geek-free advice on their computer related questions. Due to the security issues in the new information age, Dave Mason has put the spotlight on these issues and is dedicated to help resolve them.

PremiumSoft, Inc. is a development and consulting firm focused on providing quality software solutions in the Microsoft Windows environment.